Keeping Your Life Running.
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  • We Can Fix That

    Breakdowns are never good! If it happens, place your confidence in JAS. We will diagnose the problem give you an exact estimate, and complete the repair. 95% of the time all in the same day. You're back on the road in no time!

  • Saftey Matters

    Your whole life is riding in that car. We understand your faith is in Johnson's Automotive. That's the reason why at Johnson's Automotive we perform a FREE courtesyinspection on every vehicle that comes through our door. We want you to drive with the confidence your family deserves!

  • How Many Miles?

    Let's face it, cars last longer than they used to. That doesn't mean that they don't need to be maintained. If you want the reliability that you expect from that $25,000 investment, take care of it. Trust us to recommend what should be done at the appropriate mileage and time intervals to keep your car in great shape.

  • Get Back To Work

    We love our job! We assume you do too. That's why we always offer free pick up and delivery. If you are playing hooky we will take you back home and won't tell your boss, unless you ask us to, or unless we are servicing their car the same day. Uh, we'll try to help, but no warranty on the whole hooky thing, sorry.