Keeping Your Life Running

EIU Students

My name is David Johnson. I own Johnson's Automotive Service, Inc. I graduated from EIU in December of 1990. When I graduated Lumpkin Hall was a hole.

No, really it was a hole in the ground, in the process of being built. Buzzard building still was laid out like an elementary school. Seriously, ask a professor that has been there a while.

I know that you are busy. I understand that classes, homework, group meetings make it hard to get things taken care of. Things like these are why we offer free pick up and delivery to and from your apartment or campus. It's also why we prefer text messaging to get in contact with you. We understand that you can't always answer the phone especially if you are in class, but you can hold the phone under the desk and shoot back a response.

It hasn't been so long ago that I don't remember what is was like being a “broke college kid.” You're going to be here for four or five (or in my case six) years, trust someone that has been in your shoes to get you back and forth to home, SIU or U of I safely. We have been working with college students for over 30 years, treating them like family.

Town and Gown can be friends!

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